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Numerous companies around the great Los Angeles area are making the switch to green roofs, title 24, and cool roof systems. Companies are discovering how this switch can help them not just protect the environment, but also conserve energy and save money throughout the year.

The problem with standard roofing solutions is that the material tends to absorb energy from the sun. This causes the structure to heat up continually during the day, prompting the cooling system to work twice as hard to keep the building at a comfortable temperature setting.

Green roofs help to prevent this problem, by distracting the sun’s ray rather than absorbing them. This, in turn, keeps the building cooler and makes it easier to maintain the ideal indoor temperature throughout the day.

However, when making the switch to a green roof, you want to make sure you work with a company like our Commercial Citywide Roofing & Asphalt that has years of experience in providing these environmentally friendly services. We have been helping companies throughout the Los Angeles area and surrounding cities switch from standard to green roofs for numerous years. We have the experience to build, maintain, repair and inspect green roofs.

We only use top quality roofing material that meet the government green standards, but are durable enough to provide a high-quality and long-lasting green roof. We can help you through every step of the process from the initial planning to design to installation to inspection. We will work with your directly through every stage to ensure you receive a compete project that meets, or exceeds, your every expectation.

Call our Commercial Citywide Roofing & Asphalt office near Los Angeles today to learn more about green roofs as well as how one could be the right solution for your company. We will be glad to send one of our top industrial roofing contractors to your location to inspect your current roof. Our green roofer will provide with various green roof alternative solution that would be right for you.

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